More ways to upgrade your Swing Asia account to VIP

We understand that some of our members hold high profile positions who wish to remain anonymous and discreet members of Swing Asia.

With this in-mind we have setup discreet and anonymous payment methods for members to upgrade to VIP member status as listed below.

$89.99 USD – 3 Months Membership ( 90 Days )

$189.99 USD – 12 Months Membership ( 365 Days )

CCBILL Credit Card Billing

We accept Visa Credit & Debit Cards and *will appear on your Cardholder statement.

Bitcoin and Crypto currency

We accept bitcoin and most other crypto currencies, please email [email protected] with the crypto currency you wish to make payment with and we will provide you with our wallet address.

Amazon Gift Card

Simply buy a gift card at and provide us with the 14 or 15 characters claim code to [email protected]


We can send you a discreet Paypal payment request, you can email us at [email protected] for more details.

Contact us

If you have another preferred payment method that isn’t listed here, please send us a message to [email protected] we will try to accommodate all requests.